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Everyone has a different idea of vacations, some just want to get away from the daily hustle bustle of life and go someplace where they can just sit and relax, some want to explore, some who want to shop, while some others want to experience the adrenalin rush. Luckily enough, Shimla has something for everyone.

Shimla was the summer capital of British India, set amidst the snowcapped Shivalik Mountains. This offers some of the most stunning views of mighty Himalaya.

In past few years Shimla has become over crowded. The travellers coming to Shimla for first time have an image of hills covered with greenery, which now can only be seen in the surrounding areas of Shimla.

If you want place to spend a night in Shimla there are many options, but if you want to experience the serenity and beauty of Shimla then SnowDrop Home Stay is an ideal location situated off the city in the lap of nature with wonderful view of Jakhoo Peak.

SnowDrop Home Stay offers a very serene and peaceful stay for travellers who are keen to spend few days amidst the lush green environment far away from the hassle and commotion of their city life.

SnowDrop Home Stay is perfect destination for families, bachelors and couples who are seeking for a private holiday.

Perfect retreat for plant enthusiasts, nature lovers and camping enthusiasts.